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Our celebration on 15th August .

We are going to celebrate our independence Day with the students of Edu-care project. A competition of Drawing and Recitation will be held among them to build their self confidence. Our preparation for 15th August celebration is complete. Decoration is also…Read More


A rising trend is being noticed among the elderly, who move out of their homes and into habitats especially catering to their needs, in order to spend their later years in comfort. The main reasons are youngsters on their part are sometimes resentful of the…Read More

How to Help 'Sukhe Dukkhe' when you have no income(like you are a student and/or preparing for a job)?

1.You can volunteer for some social work. 2.Save as little as 2-3 ruppes everyday from your pocketmoney. This way at the end of a month you will get more than 50 ruppes to donate. 3.If you have blank leftover pages in your exercise book, give them to the…Read More


According to Indian Government statistics, the primary enrollment ratio was 83.7% and the number of children who reached grade V the same academic year was 59.8%. The high dropout rate is due to the fact that most children in India are poor and cannot afford…Read More

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Number of people in this cause are growing slowly but steadily. Recruit more of your friends/relatives in this cause. But not only joining the cause virtually will do, please donate a little bit of something in cash or kind. Help us to make life a little…Read More
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