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Please show your support for the ABC

Thank you for joining the cause: Your ABC. Worth fighting for.

If you think your ABC is worth fighting for, please demonstate that support.

If you believe that the ABC should be holding onto an innovation program, or are opposed to the trashing of its Arts programming to make way for more prime time entertainment or are concerned that the ABC will be pulling out of local sport please send a letter today...however short. It is critical that the ABC retains its distinctive voice, a voice that will become indistinguishable if the AABC outsourcers all its program making to the same companies that fill the schedules of the commercial channels.

There are some links at the bottom of this message that may help you draft your letter or email.

A short and personal note is much more powerful than a form letter. The links also contain addresses of the politicians we need to talk to and of Mark Scott, the Managing Director of the ABC. You may then want to post a copy of your letter on this site to share your ideas and to encourage others to show their support for the cause.

Some good news: A Senate Inquiry into the ABC cuts has just been announced. Senator Xenaphon Independent South Australia successfully moved for an inquiry to be conducted by a Senate committee. It falls short of our call for a full and public inquiry...but it is a start.

I'll post the terms of reference for the Inquiry when they are announced with a link to the Senate inquiry site.

One last ask. Please invite all your friends to join the cause. It is important that we quickly build support for the campaign.

Thanks again for your support.


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