Sexual Fetish Torture of Animals on facebook

Sexual Fetish Torture of Animals on facebook Add your voice, and ask others to do the same.


Our wolves need our voices. They have no one else to stand for them, so please be that voice, then share with others so they to can speak out also.

New Mexico Residents: Demand Congress Protect Endangered Species

It's critical that these wolves be protected. They are to close to becoming extinct and that's forever, so please sign and share this petition on causes. Many…Read More

NSW Animal Pound's - Observe The Law & Get the Kill Rates Down

Many shelters have contracts with a rendering plant,and sell the euthanized animals by poundage. The animals are then used in our pet foods, along with road kill and often vets also have a contract with these plants. It's called profiteering, and I…Read More

Justice for Borko. Demand the Bulgarian Government take action on Animal cruelty!

To: President of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev. Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Marin Raykov. Secretary General of Bulgaria, Liliya Ivanova No animal deserves to be abused like this, just because some human is having a bad day or finds it a form of amusement.…Read More

DEMAND an investigation on Shelter Manager - Betty Crumley

DEMAND an investigation on Shelter Manager - Betty Crumley Sign and pass this petition on,and save any further animals from this horror. Many thanks!

Support The Congressional Letter to Save Wolves

Support the Congressional Letter to save Wolves on causes US Representatives Peter DeFazio of Oregon and Ed Markey of Massachusetts, with help from their fellow US Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona, circulated a pro-wolf letter among their 435 colleagues in the…Read More
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