Help us raise $9,000 for SHE Rescue Home in Cambodia to buy a much needed 4WD vehicle.

Let’s support the team at SHE. They are on the front lines in the fight against sex trafficking of young girls in Cambodia. If you want to help stop human trafficking, this is a tangible way you can help!

Here is a letter from our friends at SHE Rescue Homes describing their need:

"Our biggest need that would be such a blessing is we desperately need a 4WD for family visits to the province. This is a regular occurrence as many of our girl's families do live out of town - some a full days drive requiring the staff sleeping overnight somewhere. Roads in the province are mostly dirt, not kept in good repair and in the wet season many become impassable in the wet season in a regular vehicle

Just yesterday I took a team out there. It was a 3 1/2 drive each way (even though the distance was not actually that far). One and a half hours each way was on dirt roads, that were muddy , massive potholes, water covering the road and twice we nearly got bogged.!! We thought for sure we were going to be getting out and pushing!! We had hired a van to get us there.........

For family visits to the province as it is usually jut 1 - 2 girls and 2 staff so a small 4 WD is what we are needing. Our van has been retired now to just city use and getting the girls to and from school as it has copped such a beaten from taking it out of town.”

Please help us raise the $ they need by spreading the word to your friends.

Thank you!!!!

The Rescue Her Team