Which of these celebrities are or have been Self-Injurers

Fergie, Drew Barrymore and Princess Diana (25% people answered this) Fiona Apple, Emilie Autumn and Angelina Jolie (16% people answered this) Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp and Sid Vicious (0% people answered this) Russell Brand, Darrell Hammond and Alfred…Read More

Are those with Bipolar Crazy Murderers??!?!!

If you know anyone whether it be you, a friend, family member or anyone at all who has bipolar... We want to hear your stories. The stigma about bipolar is outrageous and it's time for real people to tell their stories and change the world. It's time to stop…Read More

March 1st was Self Harm Awareness Day! Lets make it all month long!!

Please join my cause and raise awareness! Learn before you judge!!! http://www.causes.com/actions/1736279-march-1st-was-self-harm-awareness-day-lets-make-it-all-month-long

Help WWF create an Arctic Home where polar bears and local communities can thrive

Red Flags: Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Children

•  I am Kristalee, I am not Bipolar!! I do have bipolar though and it's always a struggle, please learn about me and others before ever casting judgements...• ......................... Forget a lot of what you know about adult bipolar disorder symptoms -…Read More

'My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm' by Amanda Todd (her last cry for help that no one answered.)

The story of a lonely, scared and lost young girl that cried out to anyone that would listen to her ... but no one answered in time. This story has made headlines everywhere. SAANICH -- Days after her death, Amanda Todd's online cry for help is receiving…Read More

Everything you need to know about Bipolar

Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people go back and forth between periods of a very good or irritable mood and depression. The "mood swings" between mania and depression can be very quick. Causes, incidence, and risk factors Bipolar disorder affects…Read More
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