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Ron Thomas' 37-year-old son Kelly Thomas, who was homeless and schizophrenic, died July 10, five days after clashing with police investigating reports of attempted car burglary. An autopsy failed to determine a cause of death, and further tests are being conducted.

Controversy surrounding the circumstances is building, and more than 200 people turned out Saturday to demonstrate at the Fullerton police station.

"It's fantastic," Ron Thomas said amid a sea of picketers. "We've had tremendous support."

The FBI and the Orange County District Attorney are investigating the death, and separately, an attorney representing the city on Friday offered $900,000 to resolve the civil side of the case, Ron Thomas said.

Thomas first disclosed the possible six-figure deal on the Jon and Ken Show at KFI-AM 640. Neither city officials nor the attorney could be reached for comment, and the offer could not be confirmed.

Ron Thomas said he is considering accepting the payment, and that the money would primarily go to a foundation set up in Kelly Thomas' name to assist the homeless. Some money would go to Kelly Thomas' brother and sister and their children, Ron Thomas said.

"I'm willing to listen, but I'm not signing anything at this time," Ron Thomas said.

As for the inquiries being conducted, Thomas said he has "always thought that the District Attorney would do a fair investigation."

Amateur video said to have captured the incident includes audio of Kelly Thomas screaming and being hit repeatedly with a stun gun.

Sgt. Andrew Goodrich, Fullerton police spokesman, said his department "wants this transparent investigation to take place" and that it is "fully cooperating."

One of the six officers involved in the July 5 incident is on administrative leave, and the other five have been temporarily reassigned away from front-line patrol.

Kelly Thomas had a long list of run-ins with police. His convictions were mostly misdemeanors and infractions but include felony assault with a deadly weapon.

On Saturday, many protesters said they were drawn to the demonstration because they have children with mental illnesses. Rebecca Hunter of Fontana said her son is also 37 years old, homeless and schizophrenic.

"I know the pain he's going through," she said of Ron Thomas.

Much of ire focused on an image of Kelly Thomas in a hospital bed, his eyelids swollen and purple, dried blood coursing across his face.

"That speaks for itself," protester Amy Ayrington said of the picture.

Brea resident Albert Perez held a sign with two photos – one of a healthy-looking Thomas, the other of him battered and bandaged. "Before FPD, After FPD," the sign read.

"Look at the picture," Perez said. "This should never have happened."

The District Attorney is seeking witnesses to Kelly Thomas' encounter with police; anyone with information is asked to call 714-347-8813.