Photos from Our First National Conference

Michele Perry just posted a link to your cause, Iris Ministries Sudan ( Thought you all might like to see the latest happenings! Thank you for your love and prayers!- Michele Thanks, Michele Perry Jrm…Read More

June 2009 Update

It has been a whirlwind month of grace and battle. Truly it would have been impossible without the love and prayers of so many of our global family. For you I am truly grateful. Every day where we live seems to inch closer to precipices of hostility.…Read More

Michele on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural

Hi beloved family- for those of you with television access and interest... A quick note to announce the airing of my interview with Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. God has a sense of humor because HE knows how much I like video cameras (run screaming very fast…Read More


Beloved family and friends, As a matter of prayer, Patrick Jalan, our Sudanese director, died this evening at 6:07 PM local time (+3 GMT). His family is mourning, and we will gather again with them in the morning to make funeral arrangements. Please cover…Read More

Move and Michele's Travels

Dear friends and precious family, Today, we are beginning our move to the new land. We are moving now because our rent on the current land expires on Sunday, not because the building on the new land is finished. So, basically, we are encountering a…Read More

Bricks of Hope Deadline Extended to Jan 11!!!

Happy New Year 2009 to our Cause family! We have exciting news! As many of you know, we have been watching God provide all year long for a matching grant of 200,000 USD to help us build on our new land. We are almost there at 77% of goal. The matching…Read More

Christmas Photos

Richest Christmas blessings to our Cause family- check out our new Christmas in Sudan photos from our house to yours! Much love in Jesus-Michele
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