An initiative crafted to make the work and values of “peace,” in it’s many forms, better understood, more tangible, personal, and accessible; shining a spotlight on peacebuilding in the 21st Century!

The Faces of Peace is helping to put inspiring peacebuilders in the national spotlight they deserve!

This initiative will highlight the inspiring stories of both highly trained peacebuilders as well as informal, often undeclared peacebuilders in our communities and around the world, who are leading the way by showing that peace is possible, practical and already present in all kinds of ways, including simple actions in our everyday lives.

We need your support to help help spotlight this cause and these stories. Even $5 or $10 will make a difference.

"My Name is Juan Pacheco, I used to be a gang member, now I work with at-risk youth, helping them transform their lives. I am the Face of Peace."

Few people have an understanding of what peacebuilding looks or feels like, and few are aware of the tools available to mitigate and address conflict without violence. The Faces of Peace initiative will take this challenge head on - giving voice, texture, feeling and context to the heroic, vital work of peacebuilding.

By spotlighting the many faces of peace, we hope to illuminate the vast depth and reach of this fast-growing field to strengthen and empower the movement to build and sustain a culture of peace for the 21st Century and beyond. With your active participation and support, The Faces of Peace will serve as a social forum to generate connections, provoke discussion and spur momentum to invest in peace as a public and political priority.

The Faces of Peace will include:

Traditional “practitioners” in such fields as: bullying; gang-violence; reducing prison recidivism; genocide; international violence; eco-sustainability; domestic abuse, etc.

Everyday people who promote and live the values of peace, such as: a nurturing school teacher, teaching nonviolent communication; a teenager doing peer mediation; a yoga/meditation instructor; a caring companion, etc.

We need your support to help help spotlight this cause and these stories. Even $5 or $10 will make a difference.

Learn more at: http://www.thepeacealliance.org/faces-of-peace-inititative.html