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See the Future of Ovarian Cancer Research--Introducing the 2012 OCRF Grantees

Introducing Ovarian Cancer Research Fund's 
2012 Grantees

OCRF is pleased to announce that after receiving more than 100 grant applications--the most in its history--$5.4 million in research grants will be awarded to 14 scientists at leading medical institutions across the country in 2012. 

Proposals were evaluated through intensive peer review by OCRF's Scientific Advisory Committee (, who endeavor first and foremost to fund the best science. The resulting 2012 grant portfolio represents the present and future of ovarian cancer research. 

Funded projects focus on different aspects of ovarian cancer research, including understanding how and where ovarian cancer originates at the genetic, molecular and tissue levels; and developing novel, creative approaches to improving therapy for treatment of the disease.

"This research is a recognition that ovarian cancer should not be treated similarly in all cases," says Jeff Boyd, Ph.D., chair of OCRF's Scientific Advisory Committee and a senior vice president at Fox Chase Cancer Center. "And, as we gain a better understanding of the origins of this extraordinarily complex disease, this may inspire a rebirth and a new wave of research into much-needed screening and early detection methods."

To date, OCRF has invested nearly $45 million in the fight to change the future of ovarian cancer, funding scientists at more than 60 leading medical centers in the United States. 

Learn more about OCRF's 2012 grantees and their promising research. (

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