Thanks everyone who has so far been supporting our beautiful Katie Jo. We were able to give the Sanderson Family the $500 from the wristbands!! Continue to spread the word to your friends and families!! The next 200 have arrived this past week so I will be…Read More

friendly reminder

In case you were unaware I do have the wristbands. Those of you that attend First Free I will be carrying them around with me. This means Sunday between 1st and 2nd service I will be in the narthex area (or lobby) or the donut room. If you cant find me I…Read More


THEYRE HERE!!!! Wristbands are here! Wristbands are here! And I must say they look pretty great. I will have them with me at church on Sunday between 1st and 2nd service as well as after 2nd service. I will try to find a place where people can find me…Read More


GOOD NEWS!!! Wrist bands are coming in hopefully by the 29th of July - I will keep you posted!!

Official Wrist Band Purchasing Info

Hey everyone, First off I just want to say that seeing how many people are behind this and want to support the Sandersons is a blessing. Also it has been awesome to see “Worry Less, Pray More, Give Thanks” expand beyond the Jr High Kentucky Missions Trip this…Read More
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