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Jay Biggs letter My name is Jay and I am serving life for a murder I did not commit, a murder that never happened. 10 years ago my infant daughter passed away and police claimed her death was suspicious. However there was no practical proof. Two years later I was arrested and charged. Lawyers told me the prosecution was taking a 50/50 gamble that by using such a heinous story jurors would be blind to factuality. Dr. Spitz, the foremost pathologist and author of the "Bible" of pathologists clearly stated at trial "This child died of Sids, namely she asphyxiated on vomit ". Police found no DNA or other physical evidence and said they could not even identify vomit. Mainly because they lacked the techology or professionals of a big city, they felt that their suspicions were good enough. I am incarerated because police had no evidence, they had no evidence because no murder occurred and one poor man cannot take on police and state prosecutors alone. They are right, alone I will not succeed in righting this wrong. Read transcripts at the links provided. Thank you 

Sincerely, Jay Biggs

1. http://jaybiggsinnocentmaninprison.yolasite.com/

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3. http://innocentmaninprison.moonfruit.com/