29-Feb-2012 (Sunday) is final, Title Sponsor is final

Over last few weeks, it has been a tough but fun ride. Most mornings some of us ran at Patna Zoo to create awareness, then knocked the doors of sponsors during the day, knocked the doors of Govt for involvement/participation and spent lot of time in finding…Read More

1st Patna Marathon needs more support

Dear Friends, Over last few weeks and months we have been toiling hard to make 1st Patna Marathon a very very wonderful global event. Now that the day is approaching, we need even more support. In this race but your support has been the most critical…Read More

Patna Marathon Town Hall Meet

https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=186847388062937 Over last few months we have made lot of progress regarding Patna Marathon. We changed the date from 29-Oct-2011 to 19-Feb-2012 as we realized the mammoth exercise and also conflicts of exams, festival…Read More

Some facts / Business Case for Sponsors/ Why Patna ?

Patna 21st fastest growing city in world The second best place to start a business in world per World Bank Report Patna Income Tax office records third highest growth of I-T collection in 2010-11. Almost 58% of Biharis are below the age of 25, the highest…Read More

Our cause reached 250, we need 750 more to touch 1,000

We reached 250 supporters. If all of the supporters invite 3 more then we will reach 1,000 and then if all of them invite 10 then we will reach, 10,000 ... tentatively we are expecting 10,000+ runners .. so we can have 100,000 supporters .. if political…Read More
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