Demand the Humane Society International, PETA, WSPA, IFAW, SPCA to find this man who hang his dog

Ban all poisonous chicken jerky treats imported from China

this is there way of killing our pets an getting away with it!! the fda must take these foods off the market asap

Remove -"Pitbull Defense Max Strength Pepper Spray" from Walgreen's and any other Retailer shelves!

This is a outrage an this product must be relabeled for all dogs not just pitbulls!!!!

fire him then charge him with murder!!!!

Target: Lawrence Co. KY Sheriff Garrett Roberts, Judge Executive David Compton Sponsored by: pit bull advocates and animal activists NOT TO BE BELIEVED! A pregnant dog wandered out of traffic into a ladies yard. She was pregnant and delivered her puppies. The…Read More


WednesdayAnimal Army Network SWEEEET MOMMA PIT & PUPPIES MUST GET JUSTICE- PLEASE SIGN Demand Justice for Mamma pit and puppies killed by KY dog warden - The Petition…Read More


need help to find a rescue for this mommy Pensacola, FL Chained Pregnant Pit BADLY Neglected Needs Help! OFF THE CHAIN!!! Headed to the vet 12:30 PM Central 7-22-11!! Will update which ... See More OFF THE CHAIN!!! Headed to the vet 12:30 PM Central…Read More


Breed specific Murder is not acceptable - Sign the Petition! Cindy just signed this petition on 24950 signatures are still needed!
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