This page argues that there is not a problem using humour to mock dead babies. They post jokes and vile photographs. They verbally attack people who oppose them!

This page uses the excuse that humour is acceptable when making jokes about dead babies and posting vile photographs. They are verbally abusive to anyone who oppose them, and upset families who have lost a child. Requests have been made to report the page, which has been done. There are also a number of groups, who's aim is to shut down the page. The ultimate aim is for face book to close the page and not allow it's members to use the social network, personal or to set up a similar group using their i.p. address.

1. Dead babies are not something that should be mocked.

2. Jokes about dead babies offend and upset families who have lost a child.

3. No one should be verbally attacked for opposing the humour excuse for joking about dead babies.