Urgent! Protect Fire Island and Long Island -- Rebuild our sand dunes!

Please help rebuild these dunes, as people and animals depend on it............... http://www.causes.com/actions/1704577-urgent-protect-fire-island-and-long-island-rebuild-our-sand-dunes

Quilts for Elders and Babies

Always remember our elders and babies at Pine Ridge and other area's that have no heating sources in some areas........We need to be responsible for making sure that they are taken care of.......May God bless all of humanity........

Please help our family at Pine Ridge Reservation

Let's join together as a family and help the elders and infants of Pine Ridge to keep warm this winter.....We need: Quilts, blankets, childrens shoes, warm caps, warm gloves, socks....Anything to keep them from exposure to the cold.....Please send to: Brad…Read More

Quilts for Elders and Babies at Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

Please family members: We are looking to send as many quilts and blankets to Pine Ridge as possible before the cold weather arrives in South Dakota this year.... The shipping address is: Brad Bearsheart 755 Century Place, Monument Colorado 80132 Please…Read More


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