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  • Computer Online Games (44% people answered this)
  • Facebook /Surfing the net (42% people answered this)
  • Research /Doing school work (13% people answered this)

38 people voted.

"Privacy,Security and Freedom in the Internet" Privacy and Security advocacy group in the Philippines. The group campaign in the Philippines on privacy and security issues. 1. To focus public attention onto protect privacy in the net 2. To educate public to know their digital rights and security threats 3. To raise awareness of threats to personal privacy and security of Filipinos 4. To conduct research regarding privacy and security, provide information technology solution and software that can protect the privacy 5. To raise awareness of how technology affects personal privacy and security

(POLL/SURVEY) To the Parents/Guardian, Our Children present unique security risks when they use a computer is important not only you have to keep them safe, you have also to protect the data/identity on your computer from predator. By taking some simple steps in answering he poll, you can dramatically reduce the risks and helping the Filipino youth using the net.


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