CASA Works for abused and neglected children in the Juvenile Court of Bedford and Coffee Counties to ensure that every child has the right to the safe embrace of a loving family.

CASA Works, Inc. believes that every child has a right to the safe embrace of a loving family. Volunteers are recruited, trained, and supervised to be Court Appointed Special Advocates for abused children in Juvenile Court in Bedford and Coffee Counties. Upon appointment by the Juvenile Judge, CASA Volunteers have the authority to talk to anyone who has knowledge of the child. The CASA Volunteer then submits a comprehensive, objective report to the Juvenile Judge with recommendations for the best interest of the child. CASA Works was established on February 1, 2010 as an independent organization after operating for ten years under an umbrella organization.

1. We value the hands-on process of moving children to a safe environment, and advancing them toward a brighter future.

2. We value the established credibility and skills of volunteers to communicate effectively with the court system to change the lives of children.

3. We value the safety of children as the foundation to ensure their physical and emotional well-being

4. We value an atmosphere of trust in working within the community on behalf of children.

5. We value a caring, compassionate attitude that is necessary to bring a fresh perspective to the needs of children.