to Honor Caylee Marie

Another story has surfaced with regard to Simon and Schuster in the ready to sign a book deal. I am unable to verify this, but it couldn't hurt to contact them and let them know how we feel. STILL encouraging ALL to take their own personal pledge to not…Read More

in honor of Caylee Marie

Just posted a link to a useful compilation of contact info for major publishers and networks! Take a preemptive strike! Voice your concerns! Let them know, directly, that we will not pay for the story!

In honor of lil Caylee Marie

Boycott ABC for help funding Casey Anthonys trial!!!

To Honor Little Caylee Marie Anthony ....

Feeling helpless? Wanting to Honor Caylee's Memory? Take a personal pledge to not support those that are rushing to pay the big $$ to the woman that didn't care enough about her to report it to authorities! Is Casey Anthony set to become millionaire…Read More

To Honor Caylee Marie's Memory!

We are a Tribe! Over 3,000 and growing ....THANK you!! Please continue to invite your friends! Please join the discussion on the Discussion Board ...the link is on the lower right. How do we STOP Casey Anthony from profiting? We must get the story out and…Read More

to Honor Caylee Marie's Memory

Please take a moment to view and sign the petition for Caylee's Law. There is a link to the petition on our Justice for Caylee Anthony's homepage at the top right column. "Caylee's Law" would make it a Felony to not report your child missing. Rep. Paul…Read More

Lest we forget ...

Please make your own personal pledge to boycott any network/publisher that pays for interviews with either Casey Anthony or the jurors. Also, please sign the petition for "Caylee's Law" if passed it would be a Felony to not report your child missing. Rep.…Read More
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