Enforce the Human Right to Housing by Repairing,Re Claiming,Re-occupying abandoned Properties for the Homeless!

Chicago Anti Eviction Campaign
Taking our Human Right to housing into our own hands:
The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign will continue struggling to stop all economically-motivated evictions Chicago. We are no longer willing to wait for any authority to institute our human right to housing.The banks were bailed out. The auto industry was bailed out. The time for a bail-out of the people at the bottom is long past-due. We are calling for a national moratorium on economically-motivated evictions. In the mean time, we are instituting a people's moratorium on evictions by putting our bodies in front of sheriffs and putting our people back in their homes.

The Take Back the Land- Movement is a national network of organizations dedicated to elevating housing to the level of a human right and securing community control over land. The Movement must be led by impacted communities and is firmly rooted in 'Positive Action' campaigns, including those which break the immoral laws which allow banks to gain billions in profit while human beings are made homeless.

The Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights (CRNHR) is a national coalition led by grassroots organizations working across the country to call on the U.S. government to reclaim its historic commitment to fulfill its human right to housing obligations and ensure decent housing for all.
We are united to reframe the debate around housing from one that conceives of housing as a mere commodity through a human rights framework to one that understands housing as vital to human development and the securement of basic human needs. Our aim is to continue building a strong human right to housing movement in the United States to:
Expose the systemic problems in our nation’s housing policies that have led to mass displacements, rising homelessness, and substandard conditions
Provide human rights-based policy solutions
Promote models of participatory development built upon human rights principles!

The Land and Housing Action Group formed September 6th and 7th, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Land and Housing Action Group is an outgrowth of the Racial Justice and Human Rights Working Group (formed in June 2009 local implementation division of the CERD Task Force).
The Action Group is launching an ambitious campaign to house tens of thousands displaced by the destruction of public housing, foreclosures, and other means of forced eviction. The overall objective of this campaign is to compel the United States government to recognize that housing is a fundamental human right and to meet its obligations under international law.

USHRN is asking all its members and allies to support this timely initiative to realize this fundamental economic and social right by:

Endorsing the “Take Back the Land” campaign call.
Recruiting other organizations, alliances, and coalitions you and your organization belongs to endorse the call.
Support existing and ongoing local struggles against foreclosures and evictions.
Organize a “Take Back the Land” action and support committee in your city and/or region.
For more information, contact us at
[email protected]

1. Housing is A Human Right! We the People must enforce our Human Right to Housing!

2. Allowing the Community to fix up these vacant and abandoned properties is a way to create jobs and re-build the community for the community

3. Our Goal is to take Back our Community,Our Country and Re-Build America the right way from the bottom UP and house the homeless!

4. You can help the people by donating your time,supplies or money for repairing abandoned,vacant and foreclosed properties to house the homeless!

5. http://chicagoantieviction.org/