Vick Adopts Parrot - We Hope that Parrot Can Throw a Punch!

Vick has adopted a parrot - which is probably a bad move for him since parrots can talk!

We're Over 800 Members now!

Boycott Nike has surpassed the 800 member level. Congratulations to all you animal lovers out there! We don't want any money, we just want you to boycott all Nike products until they fire notorious animal abuser/killer Michael Vick. And please call Nike at…Read More

"Boycott Nike" Has Surpassed 600 Members! Congratulations and Let's Keep The Pressure On Nike!

Congratulations to the "Boycott Nike" Cause for surpassing the 600 member level! We're not asking anyone for any money, but please call Nike at 1-800-806-6453. It's a free call, and you can very nicely tell the person answering your call that you are…Read More

"Boycott Nike" Has Reached 500 Members - Congratulations!

Congratulations to the "Boycott Nike" Cause for reaching the 500 member milestone! The more we spread the word the more Nike officials will hear us and have to take notice of our cause. And remember to call 1-800-806-6453 to let the Nike officials know how…Read More

"Boycott Nike" Has Reached 300 Members - Congratulations & Let Nike Know How You Feel

Congratulations to "Boycott Nike" for reaching the 300 member mark. Let's let Nike know how we feel about their signing of notorious animal abuser Michael Vick - call 1-800-806-6453 and tell their management that you will boycott all Nike products. And let…Read More

"Boycott Nike" Has Reached 200 Members!

Congratulations to all "Boycott Nike" members for reaching the 200 member milestone! Let's keep the momentum going by signing more friends up. We don't want any money - we just want Nike to know that there are consequences for associating with a notorious…Read More

"Boycott Nike" Has Reached Over 100 Members - Let's Keep It Going!

Congratulations to all members of "Boycott Nike" for reaching the 100 member milestone. Please keep the momentum going! We're not asking anyone for any money, we just want people to join our cause and boycott Nike products. Let's show these soul-less money…Read More

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