13- lucky number for Romanian strays

Because of Gatehunder fra Romania community of Facebook in the past 2 weeks 13 more Romanian dogs were safely rehomed. http://rolda.org/Happy-Ends-Norway/13-lucky-number-for-romanian-strays.html Therese, who adopted Reggy (a blind dog) from ROLDA flight…Read More

Birthday wish for funding more dogs rehoming

Imagine your own dog got lost on the streets and no good news coming in for days. What it would be the most scary thought for you : that he is alone in a dark cold rain, scared? Hit by car, injured? How would your pet feel : disoriented, frightened,…Read More

In memoriam Dolly

Dolly (ex Daisy) was found in Romania covered in some kind of oil. While at ROLDA, her coat was shaved. She was rescue from the steel plant where she must have suffered more than her broken paw as she was walking so bad while normally dogs on 3 paws would…Read More

Help us pay 200 sterilizations in suburbs of Galati, Smardan!

Close down the two local public dog pounds of Galati!

Because we can put an end to animals abuses in Galati pounds! http://www.causes.com/actions/1745544-close-down-the-two-local-public-dog-pounds-of-galati

One click to vote. Free and easy way to help our dogs. Share!

Gives us your FREE vote. It takes a second. Please help us finish in the top 5! http://www.causes.com/actions/1731384-one-click-to-vote-free-and-easy-way-to-help-our-dogs-share

Accomplishments in 2012

Please take a moment to read about the most important moments during 2012 year for ROLDA and for our rescued Romanian strays: http://rolda.org/Generic-info/2012-accomplishments.html In numbers, ROLDA did: 435 sterilizations; Over 200 new dogs were catch,…Read More
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