13- lucky number for Romanian strays

Because of Gatehunder fra Romania community of Facebook in the past 2 weeks 13 more Romanian dogs were safely rehomed.

Therese, who adopted Reggy (a blind dog) from ROLDA flight attend 3 dogs on their way home. One of these dogs is Bingo, a giant size mutt. He was saved and under Valerica’s care until it was the time for this beauty to go. It was a big challenge making reservations for his kennel, etc but seeing his happy face in Norway – it worth every effort.

Bingo travelled with Harry and Bella. They are brother and sister saved from Galati streets. Interesting fact is they went together, the same day in two different homes.

Fabia was a shy female dog saved from the village near Galati. The time spent in the kennel changed her behavior and her chances to be rehomed were decreasing because her attitude changed negatively. Lucky Fabia had a Guardian angel in Norway , Hege who adopted Magic puppy. She and her family firstly decided to give Fabia a foster place, but they were in love of this princess who transformed radically once arriving into a home.
Again, thanks to ROLDA supporters – we report another happy story!

Letizia and Ofelia went to their forever moms.

Jojo and Arka are another 2 lucky dogs. Spending months in our shelter, they finally were found by someone to love them as special and as “perfect” as they are.

Princess and Ariel will be in foster to Marit until reliable homes will be found for each.

Bali was adopted into the same family where Delia is living. Cola’s mom found the perfect dog she was dreaming about.

The list of dogs reserved for Norway is growing. Who would have thought less than a year ago that a Facebook community advertising and some compassionate people will save and make happy so many lives, from far distance?!

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