Birthday wish for funding more dogs rehoming

Imagine your own dog got lost on the streets and no good news coming in for days.

What it would be the most scary thought for you : that he is alone in a dark cold rain, scared? Hit by car, injured?

How would your pet feel : disoriented, frightened, starving, wanting to "be home" in your safe arms?!

Imagine you visit a country like Romania: millions abandoned, unwanted street dogs. Starving at the edge of the road. Hit by cars, their corps eaten by survivors. Only skin and bones, mutilated, abused. The untreated infections make their miserable life more painful. Because of the worms, puppies die "poisoned". Wild dogs with little chances to discover one day how sounds a good word, how it feels when being petted.

Imagine you are an animal lover in a country like Romania. Every day you see new or the same multiplied tragic cases of dogs abused unfairly. You live near them and suffer with them when you discover your limits. Every day it's a new beginning when you hope to help every street dog in your way. To transform him from a stray into a loyal companion for human. How far is this dream?

Catching, sterilization, treating, recovery time, rehabilitation - make the dog learn how to trust and reveal his true wonderful character.
How far would be this dream without you?

Birthday wish:
Thank you!

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