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Do you find something wrong with this?


Do you find something wrong with this?
Chris Christie own BridgeGate investigation of himself has cleared him of all charges.

This is how New Jersey does most of their political corruption cases... They investigate themselves and then clear themselves of all charges.

A NJ Supreme Court Vice Chairman of Attorney Ethics (And friend of Chris Christie) was found guilty in NJ Superior Court of Legal Malpractice. The NJ Supreme Court orders this Vice Chairman's own Attorney Ethics committee to investigate these charges. What happens next is a typical, New Jersey state corruption scandal investigation. The NJ Superior Court transcript goes missing before it can be typed as evidence. No one is called as witnesses and no evidence is supplied. Six months later, the New Jersey Supreme Court announces that their Vice Chairman is cleared of all charges.

Details and a connection to evidence at:

A determined, decorated combat veteran is still trying to bring this to justice. He has a growing petition at:

Please sign and SHARE his petition.


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