Mission statement: Join us for an international celebration of dolphins, and help us raise awareness of the plight they face in the waters of Japan and around the world.

In Taiji, Japan, the dolphin-hunting season officially opens on September 1. This year, as in previous years, Ric O’Barry will be present in Taiji, along with Save Japan Dolphins and our dedicated volunteers. If you can’t join us there, you have a chance to add your voice, presence and love to this special day. People from around the world will come together in cities on nearly every continent to celebrate our love of dolphins, to raise awareness of the annual drive hunts, and express our concern for the well-being of the Japanese people.

No matter where you are in the world, organize an event on or around the 1st of September for Japan Dolphins Day. Organize your own event, or join one in your local area. We will provide as much assistance as we can, to make this day one to remember!

Email [email protected] for more details, or to register your own event.

For the dolphins!

Important points to keep in mind:

1. Dolphins are sentient beings, who should not be harmed or slaughtered.

2. Captivity kills - don't buy a ticket to dolphinariums!

3. Dolphins are worth more alive than dead to Japan; through eco-tourism and other green policies, Japan’s economy can make a full recovery from the natural disasters that took place in 2012.

4. We support Japanese peoples’ right to know about contamination of dolphin meat with mercury and radioactivity; we are concerned for the people.

5. Many Japanese don't know about the drive fishery killing of dolphins and actually oppose it when they understand what is happening.