Seeds for Hope, Inc. is a development organization dedicated to serving those in poverty living in Africa, through programs and services that promote sustainable development.

Only 57% of African children are enrolled in primary education, and one of three children do not complete school.

134 million children between the ages of 7 to 18 have never been to school.

For every year of education, wages increase by a worldwide average of 10 percent.

Educated mothers tend to send their children to school, helping to break the cycle of poverty.

In Kenya, less than 50 percent of students who finish primary will move on to high school, and 2.8 percent go to University and beyond

SFH is committed to addressing the root causes of poverty, including but not limited to: Economic Development, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Support, Education, Public Health

SFH is committed to fostering independence and development with the intended purpose of breaking the cycle of poverty that plagues developing countries. We labor to improve the quality of living of the poor by working with them holistically addressing their material, emotional and spiritual needs and helping them reach their dreams.

In 2005, SFH won a grant from MSN/Visa's "Ideas Happen" Competition, thanks to the support of people all over the USA who voted. This grant made it possible for us to begin work with the organization.

Currently, SFH has made it possible for the sponsorhip of over 30 youth and children to have full access to secondary, college or vocational education, every year.

Please support this cause, and help this organization grow, as to create greater impact in the fight against poverty.

Visit us at www.seedsforhope.org for more about our acheivements, diverse programs and how YOU can be more involved!

1. SFH recognizes education to be arguably the most valuable tool to break the cycle of poverty and in many cases, to preserve life.

2. SFH believes that true charity is not merely providing a person's needs, but it's reminding someone of their right to have their needs met!

3. SFH adheres to a philosophy of respect for cultures, values and priorities and does so by encouraging fostering community participation in programs

4. SFH beleives in using evidence based approaches for sustainable development and povety reduction