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End the unfair ban on travel to Cuba!


From Global Exchange:

For half a century the U.S. embargo on Cuba has been a failed and unjust policy.

Giving Americans the freedom to travel anywhere and to exchange with anyone, regardless of whether or not the two governments get along, is the right thing to do—and, in the case of Cuba, now is the time to do it.

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The policy is, first and foremost, an infringement upon Americans' rights, but Cubans are harmed, too. Without American travelers visiting Cuba, the only "American" idea that most Cubans are exposed to on a daily basis is the United States' punitive economic embargo.

Progress on lifting the ban is also good for America’s farmers, who are desperate for markets and jobs and are eager to put food on Cubans’ tables.

End the unfair and unjust ban on travel to Cuba!

Enacted in 1962 during the Kennedy administration the economic, social, and political blockade(El Bloqueo) has long outlived its supposed usefulness. Year after year U.S. government officials have developed new formats for strengthening the blockade and preventing two countries that have a shared history – and are only geographically 90 miles apart – from having normal political and economic relations.

The Cold War ended years ago. It's time for U.S. Foreign Policy to reflect the rights of its citizens to be able to travel to Cuba and engage – unrestricted – with the people of Cuba. Its time to normalize diplomatic relations with the island country, end the 50 years blockade, remove Cuba from the list of countries supporting terrorism, and free the Cuban 5.

Demand President Obama take action to end the ban on travel to Cuba.

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