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Which one do you consider the most important for your health and wellness?

  • Drink enough water (46% people answered this)
  • Eat citrus for vitamin C (3% people answered this)
  • Exercise daily (25% people answered this)
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per day (13% people answered this)
  • Avoid processed foods (12% people answered this)

536 people voted.

To discuss major health concerns as well as try to answer the question, "what is a healthy lifestyle?" How has disease affected your life? What do you do to stay healthy? This cause is a place to share your stories and take action to support healthy lifestyles. We'll try to highlight various health concerns or options, including your experiences with cancer, diabetes, nutrition decisions or obesity. Recommendations are welcome! 1. To review current medical research. 2. To provide a place for you to share your passion and stories regarding health concerns. 3. To support efforts to research diseases or provide support to individuals and families.


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