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Update on June 07, 2012

Thanks to over 2,500 of you who've signed the petition thus far!

Your actions show support for the many families across the country that came together in Washington, DC last week to fight against the companies who expose our children to harmful chemicals. Joining a coalition of 280 public health, parental, environmental, and community organizations, three families urged Congress to revive the Safe Chemicals Act. This bill would improve chemical safety and force the flame retardant industry to come clean about the potential health hazards in their products. With this new legislation in place, companies would have to pass a safety test before introducing consumer goods, such as baby cribs, to the market.

Strong opposition by the chemical industry has managed to block the Safe Chemicals Act so far. This campaign needs all of our help to let Congress know that Americans put the safety of our families first. Invite your friends to join us in this important fight to hold a deceptive industry accountable!

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