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Help Feed Children Suffering From Famine and Poverty in Africa and Around The World

Dear Friends,

We’d like to thank everyone who took a moment to make a gift or spread the word about the famine in Somalia and the growing drought in the Horn of Africa. As you have seen on the news, children are among those suffering the most from the crisis. 

Though CARE and other organizations are on the ground providing emergency relief, the situation is dire. Some families walk for weeks to reach the camps. One mother, upon arriving at the health clinic in Dadaab, took her baby off her back, only to learn that it was too late. Her baby had died. 

CARE is working to prevent the heartbreak and devastation caused by tragedies like this one. That’s why we’re trying to raise $1,875 by the end of August, which can feed 25 children for a month. (

Of the 1,500 people arriving at the Dadaab camps every day from Somalia, 800 are children who are exhausted, weak and extremely hungry from their long trek. And, 50 percent of these children are malnourished, putting them at extreme risk of starving to death. 

Won’t you take a moment to make a gift to CARE to help children and families suffering in Africa and around the world? (

By making a gift to CARE, you can help us continue to lead efforts to rush lifesaving aid to people who need it desperately, maintain our peacekeeping work in Kenya and Ethiopia, and assist people enduring the causes and consequences of hunger and poverty around the world. (

Even a small gift will help us reach our goal. Just think, if only 75 of our thousands of Causes members made a donation of $25 each, we’d reach our goal in no time! (

On behalf of all the people we serve, thank you for your generous support.



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