Which factors are most likely to increase humanitarian need in the upcoming years?

Climate change and/or environmental degradation (40% people answered this) Urbanization (5% people answered this) High cost of food (17% people answered this) Economic crisis (26% people answered this) Other (10% people answered this) 335 people…Read More

How long do you provide disaster relief after the disaster?

1 month (7% people answered this) 2 months (1% people answered this) 6 months (4% people answered this) 1 year (2% people answered this) As long as they need help (83% people answered this) 81 people voted. Respond to disasters in the U.S. and…Read More

Help Habitat help Spring tornado victims

The recent storms in the Granbury area of Texas devastated a community that had 60 Habitat for Humanity homes. Habitat is assisting with cleanup, repairs and new construction efforts. Find out how you can help — http://www.causes.com/habitatfortornadovictims

Donate to the Victims of the Oklahoma Tornado

Today's tornado in Oklahoma has impacted thousands of lives and left many without food, clothing or shelter. The United Way is onsite providing services to those in need. Please make a donation to support their efforts and help the families that have been…Read More

JC Penney: End Deathtraps, Join Bangladesh Safety Agreement

Nearly three weeks after the Bangladesh garment-factory building collapsed, the search for the dead at the site of the worst accident in the industry's history has finally come to an end. The death toll: 1,127. Before the next disaster strikes, sign the…Read More

Urgent! Protect Fire Island and Long Island -- Rebuild our sand dunes!

So many great actions cropping up this week! I just found this one from the Fire Island Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts cause and they're trying to get to 15k signatures by the end of the day today. Please sign and…Read More

Be prepared for an emergency

Although we can't always anticipate when we'll be faced with an emergency, we can take steps to stay safe be creating an emergency game plan with family and friends. Please take the pledge to create an emergency game plan and $1 will be donated to the…Read More
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