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Stand in solidarity with the #OccupyGezi movement in Turkey!

The people of Turkey have spoken: they will not be oppressed!

Stand in solidarity with the people of Turkey:

Millions are outraged by the violent reaction of their government to a peaceful protest aimed at saving Istanbul's Gezi Park.

Outraged, yet not surprised.

Over the course of Prime Minister Erdoğan's ten-year term, there has been a steady erosion of civil rights and freedoms. Arrests of numerous journalists, artists, and elected officials and restrictions on freedom of speech, minorities' and women's rights all demonstrate that the ruling party is not serious about democracy.

Time and again, the Prime Minister has mocked and trivialized his nation's concerns while Turkey's own media have remained shamefully silent.

The people protesting bravely throughout Turkey are ordinary citizens. They span several generations and represent a spectrum of ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, ideological, sexual, and gender identities. They stand united because of their concern for Turkey's future.

They are demanding:

-An end to police brutality.
-A free media.
-An open democratic dialogue between citizens and those elected to public service, not the dictates of special interests.
-An investigation of the government's recent abuse of power, which has led to the loss of innocent lives.

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