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Does America need tougher gun laws?

  • The recent shootings not only indicate a need for a ban on assault weapons, but also increased federal restrictions on ownership of guns by civilians. (30% people answered this)
  • While the recent shootings were terrible tragedies, there should be no restrictions placed on citizens’ second amendment rights. (37% people answered this)
  • Americans have a right to bear arms, yet no civilian should have access to a semi-automatic assault rifle. A Federal ban will help prevent criminals from getting these dangerous firearms. (13% people answered this)
  • The recent shootings took place because of a few sick individuals – the national debate should focus on addressing mental health issues. (19% people answered this)

13564 people voted.

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This Monday a gunman shot and killed a police officer and a civilian, while wounding several others, within two streets of Texas A&M University. The tragedy came in the wake of two other shootings that occurred less than three weeks apart - one at a movie theatre in Colorado and another at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. As the country grieves the tragic loss of innocent civilian lives, these mass shootings have reignited the national debate on gun laws. Many gun control advocates are calling on the Federal Government to renew the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban (FAWB) - a law prohibiting the civilian use of assault weapons (like the AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle that James Holmes used in the Aurora massacre.) While President Obama backed the ban during his 2008 candidacy, he has neglected to take action on curbing gun violence during his last four years in office. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney signed a statewide assault weapons ban when he served as Massachusetts Governor, yet the Presidential hopeful now says he opposes any new restrictions. With the safety of the American people at stake - should our elected officials bring back the expired FAWB? Where do you stand on the issue?


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