Does America need tougher gun laws?

The recent shootings not only indicate a need for a ban on assault weapons, but also increased federal restrictions on ownership of guns by civilians. (30% people answered this) While the recent shootings were terrible tragedies, there should be no…Read More

Should employers be required to grant male employees unpaid paternity leave after the birth of their

Yes (73% people answered this) No (12% people answered this) It should be at the employer's discretion (14% people answered this) 8459 people voted. Explore and support ways to get involved in your community and make your voice heard. 1. Making…Read More

Is New York City's "Stop-And-Frisk" Policy in Need of Reform?

Yes - 87% of the 684,330 people stopped were Black or Latino. The stats point to racial profiling! (76% people answered this) No - The policy saves lives. 1 in 1000 stops resulted in the confiscating of a gun. It's working! (14% people answered this) I'm…Read More

Should Florida take steps now to repeal the "Stand Your Ground" Law?

Yes! (53% people answered this) No, they should wait until after the Treyvon Martin investigation. (6% people answered this) No, they shouldn't repeal the law! (32% people answered this) I'm not sure. (7% people answered this) 7883 people voted. …Read More

Update on August 24, 2012

Just this morning, yet another tragic shooting ( propelled the issue of U.S. gun legislation to the forefront of the national dialogue; a gunman,…Read More

Update on August 15, 2012

Yet another tragic shooting occurred this morning in the nation's capital. At 10:45am a gunman walked into the lobby of the Family Research Council - a conservative organization that deals in issues of faith, family and freedom - and opened fire on a security…Read More

Update on June 26, 2012

Thanks to all of you who shared your opinions about the status of working dads in America! Over 2/3 of you have said that fathers should receive unpaid paternity leave from their employers in order to care for their new babies. The Williams Institute, a Los…Read More
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