To get back the earned disability and pension benefits that the retired professional football players have been denied by both the League and their Union

With a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) possibly close to being finalized, it is even more important now than ever before to educate and gain the support of the public at large and all the fans in particular on the injustices that retired football players have endured at the hands of the owners and their own so-called Union. For decades, these athletes have been cheated out of their earned benefits that were supposed to have been set aside for their retirement. The majority of them have been turned down for their qualified disability and retirement benefit claims by a corrupt system that has been run by a greedy group of insiders who have never had the best interests of retirees at heart. Even if you are not a fan of football, you should be concerned because each retired football players who gets turned down by this $9 billion industry for their benefits eventually qualifies for Social Security Disability and Medicare because of their dire medical needs. This allows the League and the Union to dump their fiscal and moral responsibilities on to an unwitting public. One of our goals is to educate the fans and the public on this long-standing fraud that has been perpetrated on them by what is billed as The Greatest Game on Earth. All retired players ever wanted was access to benefits that they have earned. We're starting this cause on Facebook and launching it with a petition to demand that the NFL and the NFLPA finally do what is right. We have been posting heartbreaking tales that no one can believe still happens in America. Please LIKE and lend your support this cause - this is an issue that truly affects everyone.

1. Only 5% of the older retired NFL football are actually granted access to partial or full benefits that they earned and most have paid a dear price.

2. The majority of retired football players suffer from some amount of brain damage

3. The NFL avoids paying for anything and everything they can including the Super Bowl half-time acts!

4. The so-called players' has stolen money from retirees and are a large part of the problem

5. Retirees have no seat or vote at the table even in their own so-called Union - enough is enough. It's time to do the right thing!