According to Human Rights Watch, 90% of women in this country experience domestic violence at some p

Afghanistan (38% people answered this) Congo (12% people answered this) Pakistan (12% people answered this) India (24% people answered this) Somalia (11% people answered this) 616 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: Pakistan …Read More

Demand Gov. Brown launch an investigation into the mass sterilizations of women at CA prisons

The LA Times, NYTimes, NPR and other media report that 158 women have undergone sterilization in California prisons without the required approval of the state medical committee between 2005 and 2010. The sterilizations were not medically necessary and the…Read More

Combat Negative Stereotypes About Muslim Women

All too often our media, leaders, and communities project an image of Muslim women that is distorted, negative, and one-dimensional. In reality, Muslim women around the world are an incredibly diverse group who express themselves and take actions daily to…Read More

End Sexual Violence, Starting in Texas

Have you ever been a victim of gender inequality? Have you been told to act more lady like or to man up? These stereotypes lead to a perception of unequal balance of power that perpetuates sexual violence. Please take this pledge and join 3000 in speaking out…Read More

Find the truth behind the brands: Stand up for women cocoa farmers

Happy International Women's Day! I wanted to share this great petition with you all today so that we can take action for the women around the world. Oxfam has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the treatment of women cocoa farmers. Please support…Read More

Tell World Leaders to End the Female Gendercide in India

A few weeks ago, we told you about the gendercide issue in China. Unfortunately, China isn't the only place where this practice is taking place. The 50 Million Missing cause has been working hard to tell the world about the ongoing female gendercide in India…Read More

Tell World Leaders to End Gendercide in China

Every woman should have the right to have a family. This is not the case in China, India and other southeast Asian countries. The creators of “It’s A Girl,” a new documentary film about female gendercide, launched a petition to end the one-child family…Read More
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