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According to Human Rights Watch, 90% of women in this country experience domestic violence at some p

  • Afghanistan (38% people answered this)
  • Congo (12% people answered this)
  • Pakistan (12% people answered this)
  • India (24% people answered this)
  • Somalia (11% people answered this)

616 people answered.


Correct answer is: Pakistan


Promote a world where women are valued as people, and not by gender. 1. Promote women's education 2. promote women's economic security 3. promote women's health 4. promote women's dignity

Millions of women endure peril on a daily basis. TrustLaw Women asked 213 gender experts from 5 continents to rank countries according to 6 key risks: sexual violence, non-sexual violence, cultural or religious factors, discrimination and lack of access to resources, and trafficking. Check out to see what were the 5 most dangerous countries for women in 2011.


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