What type of foods do Americans eat too much of on a daily basis?

Carbohydrates (19% people answered this) Meat and poultry (beef, pork, chicken) (18% people answered this) Cheese (4% people answered this) Sugars and sweeteners (14% people answered this) Processed foods (43% people answered this) 491 people…Read More

We Want More From Our S'Mores! Take the pledge.

Pledge to make your sweet summer treats using only Fair Trade chocolate! http://www.causes.com/fair-trade-smores

Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides before they devastate bee populations in the USA

We need your help to save bee populations to protect our food supply. Join this huge movement urging the EPA to ban a pesticide called NEONICOTINOID that is linked to massive bee deaths. Please sign the petition and forward it to…Read More

Let's get real. Watch the video and Kashi will donate $2 to HealthCorps!*

No one should have to eat chips from a liquor store for dinner. Watch this video and Kashi will donate $2 (up to $125,000) to organizations helping youth break down the barriers to nutritious food in their community. Take two minutes and help change a life!…Read More

Join Food Revolution Day on May 17 and keep cooking skills alive!

Jamie Oliver is at it again, and he's asking for our help! He's asking us to take the pledge to join him on May 17th, Food Revolution Day. It's a day to come together to keep cooking skills alive, improve our food knowledge, and share it with others. Please…Read More

Spread the goodness to the earth. For every pledge, $1 will be donated to garden projects.

Earth day is rapidly approaching. Please join me in taking this pledge to do something good for the environment in honor of Earth Day. Your actions will contribute to a healthier planet. http://www.causes.com/actions/1742842-spread-the-goodness-to-the-earth

Tell Major US Supermarket to Boycott "Frankenfish" - Genetically Engineered Salmon

Say 'no' to GMO salmon! The FDA is in the final stages of deciding whether to allow genetically modified salmon - dubbed "frankenfish" - on the market. We are consumers who want sustainable, natural seafood for ourselves and our families, and the time is now…Read More
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