Happy Birthday Robi

Rob's blog has a new post that I'd like to invite everyone to read. This year for his birthday I think his wish would be-to be with Amber. To love her and make her feel happy again. Let's try to give him a birthday present by making his family feel loved and…Read More

Ride for Robi Fundraiser

This mornings fundraiser was a success! Thank you to all of you for your support. Please check out his blog for a full update. www.robgrimshaw.blogspot.com We raised $5,000 today....

Shirts for Robi!

Thanks to Stu (Owner of Corporate Graffiti - www.corporategraffiti.net) we will have 200 shirts that he so kindly is donating and we will be selling at the Ride or Run for Robi on Saturday, July 9th at Vistas Park (11311 Alta Drive) at 7am... I really hope…Read More


Rob and Amber flew to Phoenix on Sunday. They were able to make contact with someone through the blog and he has really been a huge help. He gave them the name of a doctor in Phoenix and they had their first appointment with him yesterday. (They've been…Read More

New Raffle

There is a new raffle posted on the blog. There are 2 sets of braces this time! And a full Dental Exam and bleaching! Please check it out and get some tickets. The raffle is open to everyone so please spread the word! Thank you!
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