To raise 2k before May for the ILPH I will be running the Manchester 10k!!

Every day thousands of horses around the world suffer.
Some travel for days in overcrowded lorries to slaughter, some work until they drop to feed their poverty-stricken Third World owner’s families, some starve through uncaring neglect in an English shed.

Operating internationally, the ILPH is one of the world’s leading equine welfare charities and improves the lives of many of these horses.

Our political campaigners, international training teams, UK Field Officers and Rehabilitation Centres are all working towards a world where the horse is used but never abused.

We are a caring and practical organisation which relies totally on the support of the general public to continue our work.

1. Let's encourage the use and not abuse of the horse

2. Stop overcrowding in lorries as the horses make their way to slaughter, of which should be ended!

3. As any living creature, protect the welfare of this majestic animal!