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Food For Thought


Our bodies may have been set free
But our minds are still in captivity
Educated by a corrupted system
True black history should
Be in our children’s curriculum
We have to educate our children with the truth at home
Then the systems words can not take hold
We as black people need to understand we are all African
Stripped of our true identity
Kidnapped and placed on negative land
Walking around with fraudulent names
Our true identity may never be regained
We need to stop being part of
The problem and start being part of the solution
Clear our minds of the ingrained pollution
Bombarded with alcohol and drugs
Taken on European ways
Women no longer seeing their bodies
As sacred, on show for all to see
Not selective on who takes piece
Black brotha’s need to stop referring
To their black sistas as bitches and whores
We have enough outside negativity
Doing it to ourselves can no longer go on
The black holocaust was
One of the worst crimes committed
To a race in history
Now we are our own enemy
Most of us do not even know where we belong
And we don’t know where we are going
Don’t even know how to be free
Killing each other
No longer connected
By the same struggle
The mind is where the change has to start
Only when we have the knowledge of self
Can we be truly free?

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