BLACKPEOPLEUNITE MOVEMENT - Black people need to Unite that's the only we will succeed in anything we put our minds to, the senseless killing needs to STOP. We need to Unite and help each other .

The purpose of this cause is to bring our black community together, remind us and the up and coming black youths of the great and inspirational black role models of years gone by. The Black Race needs to develop a sense of pride and integrity in ourselves, we are inferior to no man, or race. We need to remember our history and celebrate it... The black youths have lost direction with all the GUN n KNIFE crime. We have been victim's of slavery's brain-washing, and now we must re-culture ourselves so we can have a sense of pride in turning from the European culture, and taking into ourselves the power of African culture. It needs to STOP - black people are always talking about these issues but i say enough TALKING, TIME for ACTION. Our only hope is for us to use our African Culture and thought power to unite ourselves and overwhelm the European culture.

A RACE without knowledge of their roots - is like a tree without ROOT ... Food for thought ... Give thanks each N everyday ... BLESS ...

1. Unity Is The Key

2. Together We Stand - Divided We Fall

3. http://www.wix.com/gok927/blackpeopleunite