Re start

I had to put this aside for awhile because no one in Olympia was listening -- it seems the housing/homeless crisis had everyone's attention. I'm going to restart once I update my research. Thank you for your support

The State of Washington takes action

Where cities meet wildlands, crossing the boundary can often make the difference between life and death for a mountain lion. We all know that mountain lions are often shot and killed to insure public safety when they wander across this unmarked boundary…Read More

Help Save the Lives of the Last 400 North Atlantic Right Whales

Dear Wildlife Lovers, Chris, Jess and the online team at Defenders of Wildlife are here to ask a favor of you today… We need you to help protect North Atlantic Right Whales today by make a tax-deductable donation today: More

Prevent Bison Hazing, Capture and Slaughter

Dear Wildlife Fans, Jess and Chris from the online team at Defenders of Wildlife are here to ask you favor today… We need your action support to help protect one of North America’s most iconic animals; the wild bison. Please donate whatever you can afford…Read More

Wildlife Management meeting in Olympia -- Commission Meeting on Cougar Rules

Heading down on Friday -- first step in long road -- unforunately, cougar wandered into highly populated area this past weekend and was killed by a car -- he should not have been down here -- the thinking is he was trying to get back to the Cascade range --…Read More


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