End 2011 on a high note

Dear CRS Cause Supporters, You've had an amazingly busy year in 2011. Through your generous donations to Catholic Relief Services, you have helped save the lives of many hungry, sick and vulnerable people in nearly 100 countries. Thanks to you, many good…Read More

African Commision on Human and People's Right

OAU CONVENTION GOVERNING THE SPECIFIC ASPECTS OF REFUGEE PROBLEMS IN AFRICA - what this spell, imply for the 10,000 - 15,000 Seychellois refugees/exile http://www.achpr.org/english/_info/refugee_en.html

Seychelles – European Community - Country Strategy Paper and Indicative Programme for the period 2002 -2007

Country Strategy Paper and Indicative Programme for the period 2002 -2007 {"Again no mention of the 10 ,000 -15,000 Seychellois exile/refugee, nor the Migrant population of some 45,000 across the…Read More

Seychelles is party to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, which it ratified on 13th April 1992.

"In their visit, discussion and final Report 2004 Sechelles Seychelles government and the AG Office stated that it had no Refugees, internal or external - we have some 10, 000 - 15, 0000 Seychellois living in exile - ." Yet they went on to raise and discuss…Read More

8èmes Jeux des îles de l'Océan Indien - the story of the original stadium and the exile/refugee

Before a close member of the family posted a Facebook thread about the above Regional and National event - the buzz that we ought to follow this through on our exile/refugee Cause page. In the first place there is the need to write and remind everybody the…Read More

'Experience of exile; Refugee communities in the UK' ... of history, politics, economics and other social sciences,

Now that LUNGOS in Sechelles - Seychelles have acquired certain degree of maturity in is working - where by 15 years ago when we addressed the same issues on behalf of our international exile/refugees communities - the reactions and attitudes. This maturity…Read More

Given what we have written above, on Facebook visited 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent today where that SIROP etc., $500 - $800 millions program was concepted.

On our way to follow certain issues this morning the police car, the ambulance, the big lorry and the black boy on the pavement and the black female - further down talked with TESCO security guard, he is from Ghana and just return recently - he told us the…Read More
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