To show the Minister of Education, Culture and Science she has to fight for the LGBT comunity

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science van Bijsterveldt decided against the will of Dutch parlement to not fire the weigerambtenaren, (wedding official who is not willing to marry gay people because of his religious believe)

By this decision the Minister allows the discrimination and deformation against the LGBT community in Holland.

This is a wrong signal to send to lots of LGBT members who are still struggling with there acceptance on schools in public and family life.

The LGBT community is still struggling every day to be accepted and the last few years the acceptance of our "lifestyle" has been under a lot of attacks.

With this decision the Minister gave the signal that it is ok to discriminate against the LGBT community, with that opinion there is no place for the Minister in the canal pride parade, as this parade is for the acceptance and equality of the LGBT community in Holland and in the rest of the world.

1. LGBT rights