The mission of Warm Blankets Orphan Care Interrnational is to restore the lives of orphans in partnership with churches, corporations, organizations and individuals who have a passion to help children

Your funding will help to sustain:

* Orphan rescue and outreach across Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Pakistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have established approximately 150 homes in the midst of land-mined hellholes, war zones, AIDS and malaria stricken villages, unprecedented poverty, famine, and natural disasters.
* The recovery of widows. Widows serve as the children’s caregivers, raising them as disciples of Christ. Orphans and widows grow spiritually together and help each other to overcome grief and loss.

* Reunification or permanent care for thousands of unaccompanied minors separated from their families during and after catastrophes.

* Sex trafficking prevention programs. Desperate to survive, orphan children are disturbingly vulnerable to pimps and pedophiles.

* Educational and vocational opportunities. Our orphans go to school with their peers and are taught skills that will enable them to become productive citizens. ESL programs, computer training, and agricultural instruction give them skills to economically progress their native countries.

* An evangelical ministry dedicated to restoring the lives of orphans and widows in third world countries. Our Church Orphan Homes are not institutions or orphanages; they are familial environments intended to nurture the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their inhabitants. The first floor of each home is also church, serving the needs of—and witnessing daily to—the surrounding community.

Warm Blankets is one of the most fiscally responsible organizations that cares for orphans, receiving the highest charity rating on charity navigators. Warm Blankets Orphan Care also belongs to ECFA and the Better Business Bureau.

1. "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..." James 1:27

2. "Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow." Isaiah 1:17