The mission of all animal rights advocates is for children to learn proper ways to treat and view animals of all types.


This toddler has no idea she is hurting this kitten. Her parents or caregivers obviously do not know or care, this child must be taught compassion and how to properly handle pets and all animals.

There are many cases of children abusing animals in all sorts of gruesome ways. Even kid's own parents teach them to abuse animals, such as this case in Florida:
"Four children at a park in Brooksville, Florida watched in horror last Friday evening when they saw 24-year-old Wilana Joenel Frazier and her two sons --one 8 years old and the other 5 -- torture the two small kittens. Frazier hit the kittens with a baseball bat and encouraged her children to kick the animals and throw them against a tree. Then they placed the kittens on a swing. When one of the animals died, the boys put him in a trash can and covered him with water."


Other cases involved are parents being neglectful about ensuring their kids learn early in life the proper ways to treat animals and the reasons that animals are entitled to fair and equal treatment.

We cannot depend on parental figures to teach children respect for other living beings. We demand that a full course be taught in schools around the world, beginning at the nursery level, and for all home schooled children. Some people just don't know what constitutes abuse. Children need to be taught proper methods and the many reasons why we must treat animals with the kindness, respect, and liberties they are born with and deserve as fellow beings on this planet. The animals have rights, we have rights, we are tired of begging, we are demanding these rights here and now!



1. There must be a core curriculum teaching respect and kindness to all animals.

2. Lawmakers must comprehend the true underlying meaning of what animal abuse is and make strong penalties..

3. Teachings must include all aspects of animal abuse; Food animals, Animal testing, Entertainment abuse, animal skins, overpopulation, and more