Information sheet of Veterinary Negligence Solicitors.

If you care about the animals in your life then this petition is important. Veterinary medicine has forgotten who an animal is… to most vets your animal is just a pay cheque. You have no recourse beyond the Royal Veterinary College and who do think they will…Read More

Please sign the Petition it is for the UK PRIME MINISTER. x

Fighting for better veterinary regulation...

URGENT... Don't let facebook break us up!

News article here - So here's the deal guys... Facebook is developing a software key that will ONLY be given to certain causes and groups that THEY agree with. If you don't…Read More

Another account of "vets killing a dog" -

Question I recently took my 1 year old chow to the vet for a cryptorchid neuter.. My vet told me that since his testicles have not descended that this procedure would be in the best interest of the dog.. I had my hesitation but I felt that I need to do what…Read More

"My vet killed my dog" - one person's sad account.

Source: My vet killed my dog and hasn't been disciplined by bcvma -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had a gorgeous purebred male german shepherd named Timber.…Read More

Veterinarian that loves dog fights!

Some veterinarians attend dog fights too. Dr. Gary Friederich also known as "Dr. Dogman". He would tend to the wounds of injured dogs from dog fights even though his job was to report the fighters to authorities! He would send the dogs back out with the…Read More
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