ACTION ALERT: Ban Sport Hunting


i invite all of you to like my facebook site - coalition of FB sites for rescue animals ... where i share petitions , news ...... all about animals if you too have site on FB !!! lets like site by site !!! i promote yours , you promote my !!!!! link -…Read More

Petition for save Rhinos

some remind , and some articule - read please

This is why animals must live in their own enviroment !!!  lion attack ... read More

Endangered Cat Species Survival Trust campaign ...

I want you to be acquainted with one action to save big cats - ECSST (Endangered Cat Species Survival Trust) Homepage: ( Facebook: More

My cause - first remind

This is the first update to my cause at the beginning I would like to thank you all for taking part in the action , actually changed little action, just the will to African countries , the main objective will be to fight for a ban on hunting in Africa , I…Read More


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