A child's cry Papa ,papa I want to go to school, Papa said Shut up your mouth you little fool, Now go to work with your lunch and tool, Before the sun melts the dawns cool. So I start my lonely walk, Keeping my thoughts private with no one to talk I…Read More

child labours are enough . . . .

"Small hands can handle a pen better. Lend your support to abolish child labor." "Fight for the Future of Young Lives. Who knows we may find the next President working in a hotel..." "World revolves around the children. Children's future revolve around…Read More

Our top 8 triumphs of the year...

  We'd like to share our top eight triumphs of the year.  Check it out:  8. Students ambassadors at United Nations We were granted official "consultative status" by the United Nations, which means we…Read More
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